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new york state of mind - Show yourself off to the world when you're in your sweats

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July 20th, 2005

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10:28 am - new york state of mind
new york was crazy fun!! i wish i never left and that i had that apartment forever and i could just keep on living there i dont know if i can wait 2 more years for med school/grad school

we got there..or i got there...at 11:30 and we took a cab to the apartment ..boo for car sickness...the apartment was awesome..it was 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen..i'll get to the bugs later but it has a bunch of nice furniture and stuff in it but it could also use a lot of work cause there were holes and the bathrooms werent that clean but who cares we didnt have to pay anything and it was on the upper west side about 3 blocks from central park!

tuesday, after we finsihed unpacking, we walked crosstown through central park adn then walked down 5th avenue and we went into all the designer stores and we went into tiffanys and picked out our engagement rings, then we went into times square and shopped for a bit and walked around..jackie got to go on her ferris wheel in toys-r-us and i got a new shirt but we basically walked around times square and we ate in a deli down one of the side streets and "window shopped" as jackie likes to call it which was basically watching people walk by and then we walked home...all 30 something blocks (yes we walked there too basically everyday we walked tons and tons) and we watched some tv and went to bed it was a looong day

wednesday we went down to the village and walked around for a while and sat in washington square park for a bit and then kerrys friend from school rebecca and her friend kathy came up and we went to soho and shopped...jackie got some shirts and i got some pants and old navy flip flips(6 pairs)...and then we went into chinatown and rebecca got a coach purse and i got a burberry one and kerry got two for her mom and then we went over to little italy where we ate dinner with our hot italian waiter who is kerrys back-up plan if she isnt married by 28..then we got STALKED..some guy was following us around so we had to go into armani exchange where we met my back up plan...such pretty blue eyes he was hot!!..and then we walked around for a little more and then we headed back home...while we were home jackie let out a scream in the bathroom and that is when we met stalin...our friend the cockroach...he was the first one we say but we kept him under the toilet brush thingy because thats where he went but it was hilarious becuase kerry and i were screaming bloody murder funny i never thought i would be like that but when we saw it we ran like little girls but we thought it was dead so we went to sleep

thursday we sat in central park for a few hours after we walked 2 miles out of our way to find the zoo only to not go in it..so we sat and people watched and fernando, rashawn, and apu played music for us (random guys in the park playing music) and we named some of the kids...sid was mine, princess sophia was kerrys, wilhelm was the upper east side brat, chuck the kid with long hair, brad and leo who stood on a big rock, and billy the bully who is self explainatory. then we went to the met which was nice we made it through in like an hour go us!! and then we went and laid down and took a nap in the park and then went home and made mac-n-cheese that night we probly took a walk or something

friday we went back to times square so i could get my yankees sweatshirt from modells and we went to see charlie and the chocolate factory which was soo weird but sooo amazing! and we ate at stage deli..i had the derek jeter sandwich..our waitress hated us why i dont know but she did..she wasnt the most friendly new yorker but hey what can ya do and after the deli we went and sat at rockafeller center and ate the biggest piece of cheesecake ever!! and then we walked home down 8th and saw the opera house and just new york things

saturday was our day to do nothing we watched hbo on demand all day long but we did go out to get starbucks and pizza and then at night we went for a long walk and we got a few comments from some guys cause im sure we looked awesome in our pjs!

sunday we walked almost the entire island..from 82nd street all the way into the financial district(which us more than 100 blocks) jackie said that if she had known that we walked that much she wouldnt have walked it and then we went back to soho and chinatown for more purses which was a little sketchy because the kept taking us to these buildings and locking the all the doors and what not but i ended up with a louis and i got my mom a burberry and kerry got two coach purses..we didnt see our armani exchange boy though wish we did cause he was yummy we went back to times square to see if there were any shows we wanted togo to and their werent so we went back home

monday we walked around in central park again and we sat in poets walk which was pretty and listned to a guy play the sax then we went and ate chinese with chop sticks and then we went to see movin out..the billy joel musical...and it was soooo awesome!! we walked home singing billy joel and dancing people kept laughing at us but it was fun and then when we were back at the apartment we met our friend the cockroach yet again but this time there was another one so we killed the second one that we saw and then we tried to kill the one that we had traped under the toilet brush thingy but he escaped and got under our bed so we were on the floor with flash lights and broomsticks trying to get it to come out so that we could kill it but we never found it again so hopefully it went and died somewhere

that night kerry had a dream about the escaped cockroach and she named it eddie in her dream so she didnt know if she could kill it anymore so i took the liberty of naming it hitler because anyone can kill hitler and then we named the first one we saw stalin and THEN we ran into another one and that one we named mao ze dong and we sqashed him...go us!!..and then a mini one was on kerrys arm and she killed it and named it president bush haha!

tuesday we packed and laid low and went out to dinner and i got a picture book of nyc from barnes and noble and then we had to rush out of the apartment because our flight was delayed like 10 hours so we got a new flight that was leaving earlier but then when we got to the airport that flight was delayed so we ended up leaving at the original time we were supposed to anyways

oh yeah i almost forgot when we were in soho on wednesday i had my hippie bag with me and i was walking down the street and some woman pointed to it and was like "that's great"..haha isnt that sooo awesome i love my hippie sac!

i did not want to leave nyc i wish i could go back cause buffalo seems so boring and dull compared to nyc and i cant wait to live there!!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: scenes from an italian restaurant ~billy joel

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Date:July 22nd, 2005 02:38 pm (UTC)
awww... sounds like fun!!! Seya soon!
Date:July 22nd, 2005 08:24 pm (UTC)

Our Friends..

Btw, the first cockroach we found was actually Hitler, he lived for like four days under that thing. And you can't forget about Mussolini in the baby's room!

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