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get me out!!!! - Show yourself off to the world when you're in your sweats

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January 18th, 2006

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03:26 pm - get me out!!!!
i leave in a week and a half for london and i cannot wait...im really really excited!! but i have so much stuff that i need to do and its so overwhelming because i still have to buy a ton of things for the trip plus i have to figure out what i need to pack and how much stuff i can take and everything like that and its not going to be even a little bit easy but hopefully jackie will come home so she can help me and what not.

katies coming up this weekend and im really happy cause i havent seen her in forever, or at least it feels that way sometimes, but it sucks because shes really only going to be here for a total of a day and that sucks i still think that she should make jon call into work because that way she wont have to get up here so late and i think she should get here as fast as humanly possible but hopefully it will be a good time!! we're going to duffs and we're gonna be stupid and its gonna be a good time

i really wanna see the new world because it looks really good and i figure i should go see at least one movie before i leave because i wont be doing that while i am away in london i think i might have to make jackie come with me to that

so i feel sooo cheated right now and it really sucks i could have had a boyfriend right now and becuase of a certain someone i dont yep and it really sucks because i really liked this guy a lot and now i just feel cheated blaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

i dont really have that much to say..........
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: big and rich

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