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December 13th, 2005

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11:02 am - please get me ouuuuuuuuut!!!!!!!
Im waiting for my papers to print out that I needed to hand in yesterday....oops! but i talked to my professor and he doesnt care as long as I get them in today before noon! the stupid computers werent working yesterday so I couldnt print them out and Im still on strike at home because my mother used all my ink for my printer on stupid stuff after i told her not to because ink was expensive so ne who im still waiting for my ink!

london is only 6 or 7 weeks away!! i am soooo excited...i cant wait to be there and to travel everywhere and i get to go to dublin for st pattys day!! yay!! i cannot wait i get to drink with the irish on st pattys day....kerry said that in dublin there is a 5 day celebration yay!! exciting for me!! and im going to go everywhere that i possibly can....i wanna go see the sound of music home and i wanna go to greece and i wanna go to france and everywhere! and im excited for the trip kerry and i are going to take at the end its gonna be so much fun! we're going to italy and germany and poland and france and austria its gonna be sooo awesome!

so im done with school....thank god and i got a 4.0 this semester go me! i really like psych but it still scares the crap out of me that im not exactly sure what i want to do with it. i have been thinking about going into biopsych or something like that maybe do behavioral neuroscience i dunno...i have a question how come the i before e except after c rule doesnt apply for science? ne one know?....but im gonna go to nyc for my masters and then see about getting my phd i figure i should take baby steps and see what it is i really like NYU has a good program for general psych so that you can really figure out what you like the best and then yuo can go get yuor phd and you get experience in research for every field but i dont think i wanna do research but then again i may end up really liking it so who really knows..honestly as long as im in nyc or more specifically manhatten i dont really care what im doing! only a year and a half and then i should be there as long as i do well in school and on my gres which i dont even know when im supposed to even take those oh well. i think i can take them in like august or something like that who knows.

im going to NU sometime this week to say goodbye to the girls...im gonna miss them while im away next semester but ill still see kelly! i cant wait to see them again!! and hopefully katie will get up here around the 17th of january so that i can see her cause i miss her like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last nite kerry and i watched the astronaust wife and i dont understand why women with small breasts always have their nipples showing in movies...its quite distracting and unnecessary oh and donny jepp looks REALLY REALLY hot when hes all evil...you dont know whether you wanna run from him or run to him and do bad bad things

my papers are ready............
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Date:December 13th, 2005 10:20 am (UTC)
I'm a psych major too and have no clue what to do... LOL we should start our own practice or something after we graduate. Also, i would like to be packed in your suitcase for london. It'll make for a good trip :) Have a nice break and keep in touch.


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